• Gluten Free Samosas (made with Tortilla Wraps)

    24th April 2020

    I couldn’t cope with only having samosas once a year, when the Coop party food hits the shelf… so I had to make some of my own gluten free samosas!!! Regular samosas are made with filo pastry and to my knowledge, that doesn’t really exist yet. Instead, I’ve used gluten free wraps here. Obviously the…

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  • The Best Ever Gluten Free Shortbread

    23rd April 2020

    Its taken a while but I’ve finally developed a gluten free shortbread recipe that is the perfect combination of melt in the mouth butteryness with a slight crumble. Marks and Spencer’s style, “this isn’t just any old shortbread, this is my Jessica’s Kitchen shortbread” 😉 I think this could possibly be one of my favourite…

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  • Gluten Free Food in the ‘Normal’ Aisles

    15th April 2020

    This guide includes a couple of product finds in the “normal” aisle of various supermarkets, that would be easy to miss because they definitely don’t sound like they’d be gluten free!! For example, would you ever pick up Sainsbury’s normal aisle Crispy Beef?!! Now you will 😉 Its in ALPHABETICAL order – Aldi, Asda, Coop,…

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  • My Gluten Free Guide to Fakeaway’s

    2nd April 2020

    I’ve put together a little guide with recipes, tips and ideas for bits to buy to create your own takeaways at home. Its difficult to get a good, gluten free takeaway at the best of times, let alone at the mo!! KFC/Fried Chicken My Recipe To make your own KFC chicken, click here for my…

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  • Gluten Free Mini Egg Cakes!

    31st March 2020

    I was reminded of “Cadbury Mini Egg Cakes” in the supermarket the other day and started to REALLY crave them! I thought “we can’t be having that!” and set out making my own. Really happy with how they’ve turned out – hope you guys love them too!! Ingredients Here’s all you need (plus a electric…

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  • 2 Ways with Toast: Savoury or Sweet?

    23rd February 2020

    Your Choices: Savoury: Shakshuka ft Cheesy Toast and a really runny yolk for dipping Sweet: Jammy Dodger Brioche French Toast with stacks of fruit & maple syrup But This Part Isn’t a Choice: So whilst “Savoury or Sweet?” might be a tough question to answer, the choice of bread is not. Pick Promise. Why? Well……

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  • 5 Lunch Ideas including my Gluten Free Buddha Bowl

    9th January 2020

    Lunch can be a bit boring right?! Its easy to get in the routine of having the same old sandwiches and salads. Well, here’s 5 NEW IDEAS to get your brain whirring, including MY CHINESE INSPIRED BUDDHA BOWL. They’re all designed to be mega easy to prep, filling and warming for the colder months! They…

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  • Asda: Gluten Free Christmas

    28th November 2019

    I’ve broken this down into (1) Savoury and (2) Sweet. Each of the sections is then broken down into A. gluten & dairy free and B. just gluten free. I’ve also indicated whether it’s from the free from aisle/the normal aisles, hopefully to make it easier for you to hunt down these bits!! (1) Savoury…

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