• EASY RECIPE: Gluten Free KFC Fakeaway (dairy free)

    22nd January 2019

    Missing KFC? Well, the good news is that its actually pretty easy to make a gluten, dairy free version at home. This is my easy peasy recipe with lots of tips on how to make the perfect homemade gluten free KFC. Its going to look like a LOT of herbs… but actually, if you stay…

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  • Creamy, Low FODMAP Red Pepper Hummus

    9th January 2019

    And so it was born: I was sat on the sofa on NYE and my boyfriend was scoffing Sweet Chilli Sensations & red pepper hummus. I couldn’t have it because it was high fodmap & contained dairy so I was pretty desperate to make my own!! Also, it smelt just like a delish creamy tomato…

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  • 4 Ingredient, Healthy Mac & Cheese

    12th November 2018

    When you think mac and cheese, you think creamy, indulgent, comfort food, right? Well, here’s my healthier gf df version but it still ticks all of those boxes and more! I LOVE it. It doesn’t include soaked cashews, nutritional yeast flakes or anything complicated. Just 4 basic ingredients. Now you can have it as an…

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  • gluten free prawn toast

    Gluten Free Prawn Toast

    13th October 2018

    Gluten free prawn toast is now a staple in my house. My brother asks for it every time he’s home from uni and I happily oblige!!  Pre-coeliac diagnosis, I would never have dreamed of making my own. So thank you coeliac disease – you have made me venture out of my comfort zone to the…

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  • Gluten Free Scotch Eggs

    19th August 2018

    You can’t get better than a batch of gluten free scotch eggs, can you!? Good news – they’re actually very easy to make – the only tricky bit is getting a runny yolk but hopeifully if you follow my simple tips below, you’ll be on your way to scotch egg heaven.  Bit of Background My…

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  • Mug of Pea & Ginger Soup

    27th May 2018

    So this recipe came because my dad did the food shop and bought a years supply of ginger – “well I don’t know how much you needed do I!”. So the pea and ginger soup was born! 5 mins from freezer to table, cant go wrong. And its my mums fav!

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