TOP PICKS: 12 Gluten Free Savoury Christmas Products In The Normal Aisles

8th December 2020
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I’ve picked out 10 of my fave savoury gluten free christmas products from the “NORMAL AISLES”!!

They’re all here because:

  • They are bits you might not expect to be gluten free
  • They’ve been tried & tested either this Christmas or the last few and I want to tell you all how yummy they are!!!


Or maybe you want my “Complete Guide to a Gluten Free Christmas!” – click here!

Ok so lets get cracking with the savoury top picks…

  1. Morrisons Apple and Cranberry Stuffing Wraps – the best stuffing I’ve ever tried. Super sweet and a real treat for Christmas day! (not avaliable for delivery until 20th Dec and not easy to find on their website! Click here)
imageOfProduct id = 532112011

2. Morrisons “The Best” Turkey Gravy (fresh) – I had the privilege of being gifted this in the week and I cannot believe how good it is! I’m a huge gravy lover and this tops Bisto. I’ve never said that about any other gravy brand, ever!!!

imageOfProduct id = 537447011

3. Asdas new party food – I’m told this is sometimes been found hiding out in the “Normal freezers” but I cant find it anywhere!! *Pic from Coeliacs in the UK fb group

May be an image of food

4. Two different takes on Pigs in Blankets Asda Pigs in Blankets Fondue & Tesco Candy Cane Pigs in Blankets – haven’t tried these yet but such a good idea!!

5. Marks and Spencer Mini Kievs – you can either get them in the fresh party food range or frozen too. Always a massive hit with my insta followers 🙂 Not sure why they only stock them at Christmas though…

6. Marks and Spencer Asian Chicken Lollipops – tried these for the first time the other day and oh my goodness they are INSANE. We will be having a Christmas eve feast this year and it will 100% include these. Expensive but so good.

7. Waitrose Tomato and Mozzerella Arancini – Instagram always goes crazy for these!! They hit the shelves quite late in the festive period so they’re easy to forget but don’t… they’re yummy!!

Waitrose Christmas 12 Tomato & Mozzarella Arancini

8. Sainsburys Frozen Mozzarella Sticks – most of the frozen party food in Sainsburys contains wheat so it would be easy to miss these! I still can’t tolerate dairy so haven’t tried them myself but I’m told they’re so yummy, especially with some kind of sweet chilli dip!!

Sainsbury's Mozzarella Sticks x12 180g

9. Sainsburys Turkey Joint with Stuffing – new this year and you’d never guess it was gluten free

Sainsbury's British Turkey Breast Joint with Pork Stuffing & Topped with Bacon 1.3kg

10. M&S Pork and Cranberry Stuffing – this is AMAZING. Tried and tested and we will be having this on Christmas day!!!!

11. Coop Cheese selection – they’ve got rid of most of their frozen gf party food but they do have a few fresh bits. I’m told these are very yummy…

12. Lidl Satay Chicken Skewers – most of the supermarkets seem to have dropped satay chicken skewers (or even most of the chicken party bits all together) so Lidl is the place to be 🙂

Want some more Christmas products?

I’ve included guides for all the major supermarkets, broken down into Free From and Normal Aisles, Savoury and Sweet.

Or maybe you want my “Complete Guide to a Gluten Free Christmas“!!

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