Gluten Free Oreo Fault Line Cake

17th October 2019
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The thing of dreams?! There is no way on this planet that anyone would guess this is gluten and dairy free. By either looking at it (hopefully you agree!) OR tasting it.

The cake is light & fluffy, the buttercream is rich and creamy and the “Oreos” aka Tesco’s Free From Cookies and Cream biscuits are exactly the same as the real thing. No missing out here!!!!

This is only my third ever fault line cake and I HAD to make it cookies and cream flavoured. I mean… you can’t go wrong with cookies and cream! And it looks so cool!!! (In my humble opinion haha).

Have you used Tesco’s allergy filters?

Before you read the cake recipe, I just wanted to quickly talk about Tesco’s website.

I approached Tesco to see if they wanted to work together on this piece… as a relatively new coeliac, I only recently discovered the joy of allergy filters on their website and I bet its a massively under utilised feature that NEEDS ATTENTION BEING DRAWN TO IT!!!!!

On their grocery page, you can click on “lifestyle and dietary requirement” and tick “no gluten”. How much easier is that than reading everrrrry single packet on the shelf?!!!

Its actually amazing for finding hidden gems in the normal aisle. For example, I was looking for the a Katsu curry. I typed in Katsu in the search bar, ticked “No gluten”, expecting to see the free from version. But it brought up the normal one which is actually gluten free too… there is absolutely no way I’d have discovered this in the store!!

There’s a rice pot and stir fry paste too… wouldn’t have spotted these in store either!

The Recipe

To simplfy it a little, this recipe for 3 layers of chocolate sponge (rather than 3 different flavours).

If you want 3 different flavours:

  1. Use half of the quantity of ingredients below and make a chocolate mix.
  2. Make a vanilla sponge (use this recipe here, same quantities).
  3. Take approx 1/3 of the chocolate mix and place in a 3rd bowl. Take 1/3 of the vanilla mix and add to that bowl. Whisk the two together!
  4. You’ve now got 3 separate flavours!

I’m not going to take total credit for this dreamy chocolate sponge though (as much as I’d love to)… its on the Tesco website. I’ve adapted it ever so slightly & made it gluten free. No point creating my own when this one is the dream right?!!!!!

THIS RECIPE MAKES 3x 20cm cake tins. As per the instructions, I cut them down into 2x 17cm and 1x 15cm. The scraps were used for cake pops (and some were eaten before they even got there haha)!!

Want 12 cupcakes instead? Divide the cake mix by 4!

“Oreo” Fault Line Cake

Cook Time40 mins
Servings: 17 cm cake (at least 10 large slices)
Course: Dessert
Keyword: gluten free cake



  • 560 grams dairy-free spread - I use Flora dairy free
  • 400 grams caster sugar
  • 200 grams light brown sugar
  • 8 eggs
  • 600 grams gluten free self-raising flour
  • 8 tbsp cocoa powder + 8 tbsp of boiling water
  • 2 tsp baking powder

Buttercream & Toppings

  • 750 grams dairy free spread
  • 1.5 kg icing sugar
  • 3 packets of Tescos free from "Cookies and Cream" biscuits



  • Line 3 x 20cm cake tins with baking paper and preheat your oven to 180oC (fan).
  • Whisk together the butter and sugar until light and fluffy
    >For the best cake, whisk for at least 3-4mins
  • In a separate bowl, beat your eggs until smooth. Add the eggs and flour to the butter/sugar and whisk until just combined.
  • Divide the mix evenly between the 3 cake tins and bake for approx 40mins or until the middle feels springy to touch and a knife comes out clean.
  • Remove from the oven. Leave to cool in the tins for 10 mins. Remove from the tins and leave to cool completely on a cooling rack.


  • Cut 2 of the cakes into 17cm circles and the other into a 15cm circle.
    >I printed out the circles, cut them out, placed them onto the cake and cut round the outside with a knife.
  • Sift your icing sugar to remove any lumps. Whisk together the butter & icing sugar until paler and fluffy.
    >I find its best to add a spoonful of icing sugar at a time (takes ages but gets the best result!).
  • Place approx 1 tbsp of buttercream on a cake board (I've used a 9 inch board).
  • Place one of the 17cm circles onto the buttercream and push down lightly to fix it to the board.
  • Add a thin layer of buttercream to the top and then place the 15cm circle ontop. Add a thin layer of buttercream to the top of the 15cm circle too.
  • Crumb coat both layers (theres loads of youtube videos on how to do this!).
  • Place the remaining 17cm cake ontop and crumb coat that too. Place in the fridge for at least 30 mins to firm up.
  • Add a thick layer of buttercream to the middle layer of the cake. Cut your oreos into half (best to seperate the two layers of the oreo, cut them and then sandwich back together). Place the oreos around the middle layer.
  • Put your remaining buttercream into a piping bag. Pipe around the sides of top and bottom layers, just covering the edge of the oreos. Use a spatula and cake scraper to make the sides nice and neat!
  • Add any oreo crumbs leftover to the base of the cake if you'd like to! Store in the fridge until you want it!!
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*This is a paid collaboration with Tesco but all the ideas, views & pictures are my own*

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